Wild Fire Hot Sauce

$12.00 - $23.00

Wild Fire Hot Sauce - A flavorful homemade hot sauce made with fresh habaneros, so you bet it’s got a hell of a flavor! It is made with natural ingredients so you don't have to worry about artificial ingredients. We want the best for our customers! It doesn’t just have the kick you are looking for, it has enough flavor to pack a punch. Try one or both flavors! 

  1. Swheat Hot Sauce: A perfect blend between tangy and a fiery flavor so you can enjoy the flavor and not burn your taste buds off.
  2. Devils Lava: A combination of sweet and fiery hot with more than your average habanero flames. 

Wild Fire Hot Socks - Love our hot sauce? Wear it on your feet! These soft and comfortable socks will have you ready to rep your fav hot sauce, that includes our fiery logo in the office or on the go! 


Love Both? Get the Wild Fire Hot Sauce/Socks Bundle!


  • Our socks have an original logo design that stands out
  • Our hot sauce has unique taste
  • Minority owned company
  • Affordable prices
  • Created by Charlestown students
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