The Hoopers


The Hoopers manufactures high-quality, door-mounted basketball hoops for kids and teenagers ages 11-17. All hoops are made from sustainable materials and designed to compactly fit on any door. It is also sold with a light-weight basketball that complements the mounted hoop.

Although the basketball hoop industry is competitive, we believe that there is a place for a high-quality, attractive, and affordable mounted hoops. Our goal is to build and market a hoop design that will entertain teenagers during the pandemic.

We are selling a Water bottle. This is a water bottle that will help keep you hydrated while you play basketball and will support the start up costs of:

Mounted basketball hoop: (Hoop to mount to a door)
Backboard, (Supporting piece)Mount, (Detachable/Attach stick/nail to door)
Ball, (Light-weight ball)
Net (Strong & durable string)

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