Reasons why you should purchase our product:

  • If you are a person that knows the benefits of eating fruits on a daily basis then you are a person who does eat fruit on a daily basis whether that's for protein shakes if you do fitness activities like me, or you just consume a lot of fruits in general. Instead of going to the store every once a week or having to run to the store to go get fruits because you didn't get a lot the last time you went thinking all the fruits will go bad before I have time to eat them all, well with our product you can get rid of the worry because our product is supposed to help and prevent food from going bad in a natural way by just putting it in the right temperatures all depending on the fruits.
  • Sometimes you buy fruits but they're not exactly ready to eat so you leave them out but the problem with that is you like eating those fruits cold or cool not at a weird warm temperature of your kitchen. For example I buy bananas, avocados, kiwi, pear and apple but often they're not just quite ready to eat but I like eating those fruits at a cool temperature. With our product you can buy fruits to leave out until they're ready to eat but still be at a cool temperature when you are getting ready to eat, solving two problems in one!!
  • Our product can help keep fruits or any produce fresh for a day when you are going to the beach or a picnic so you don't have the worry of your fruits being hot and taste weird also for example bananas so don't get black quickly.

Product dimensions: 15 x 9.5 x 9.8 inches

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