$20.00 - $29.00

Tote Bag

  • The purse has a lot of space for your personal needs
  • The purse is also light weight
  • It has zip up pockets
  • Can be carried by hand, inner elbow, or on the wrist
  • $25.00 plus free shipping

Phone Case

  • The material of the phone is strong thick rubber.
  • The lettering is rubber as well
  • Material material is soft in cleanable meaning if it gets stained or something it’s cleanable
  • $20.00 plus free shipping


  • The material of it is soft and thick meaning it won’t be see-through
  • The fabric is high quality
  • It’s also soft and not a material that might be irritable for those with sensitive skin
  • Double layered for those who like shirts that aren’t see-through
  • $27.00 plus free shipping
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