Entrepreneurship is the hook.
College and career success are the goals.






A world where all students—regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or neighborhood—have the opportunity to develop the skills needed for personal and professional success in the 21st-century economy


Use entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth from under-resourced communities and propel them to high school, college & career success


One of our main core values is “Keeping Students at the Center”, and this is one of the many ways we do that. All profits from your purchases go to our students*. This is their platform to showcase their talents - they have worked hard on their teams, products, and services - and part of learning an entrepreneurial mindset and skills is benefiting from your own hard work.

Donations Disclaimer

*Purchases made on this site are not a donation. Payment is for actual products and/or services created and/or provided by BUILD students. All profits are remitted to the student businesses, and this is not considered a donation of any form. To make a donation to BUILD, please visit BUILD.org/Donate

Thank You, Team4Tech and Adobe!

We want to say a huge thank you to both Team4Tech and Adobe for all their help and support in getting this online selling platform up and running. We partnered with Team4Tech, who connected us with ten volunteers from Adobe. Those volunteers generously donated their time and talent, helping us research platform options, build out the website infrastructure, create student tutorials for both product and business profile creation, and design marketing curriculum modules. We could not have done this without them, and we are beyond grateful!

Do I need to create an account to place an order?

Creating an account is not required to place an order, but we highly encourage you to sign up to stay up to date with future product drops. It is the perfect way to stay in touch and up to date on the student entrepreneurs you are supporting.

Can I buy products from multiple student teams in one order?

Yes, our check out process allows for purchases from multiple student stores. However, please note that products will be shipped separately and may arrive in multiple boxes. Shipping times may also differ.

Can I back-order an item that is sold out?

Not at this time, so place your orders while supplies last!

Do you offer gift wrapping?

No, not at this time.

Can I change a shipping address after my order is placed?

If your order has not yet been shipped, we may be able to correct or change a shipping address. Please contact ops@BUILD.org as soon as you notice the error.

What do I do if my order is damaged or missing?

Please contact ops@BUILD.org and provide all relevant information pertaining to your order.

What is your return policy?

At this time, we are unable to provide returns or exchanges -  all sales are final. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please contact ops@BUILD.org.

How can I further support BUILD's mission and programs?

Please visit our website, BUILD.org to learn more about our mission of bringing entrepreneurial education to students across the country. You can also check out our programs, including our digital curriculum, the 

BUILD Virtual Design Challenge. We have numerous ways to 

Volunteer with BUILD as an individual or corporate sponsor. And of course, you can also make a donation to BUILD to help fund our campaign to BUILD Generation E - a diverse new generation of entrepreneurial leaders and changemakers.